Food and Beverage Labels

When you look for a good food and beverage label, you want one which can entice the consumer whilst simultaneously giving them accurate information about the contents of the packaging. We at MF Label are committed to designing and producing such labels for all of your food and beverage packaging needs. We enjoy creating labels which are everyday works of art in themselves while still being highly informative for all consumers to find any kernel of knowledge about the contents which they may seek, whether major or minor.

The key to an excellent food and beverage label is to make sure that it is readable and communicates all levels of necessary information to the person who is about to eat or drink the contents of the container, while also still being attractive. However, the eye-catching aspect of the label should not overpower the functionality of the label. The label’s utmost purpose of existence is to give the consumer the crucial power to make the proper choices for themselves and their lives and lifestyles.

At MF Label, we stand behind this ability for our end-user clients to make the best choices for themselves 100 percent and design our labels in such a way that such a balance is clear from the very start.


Industrial Labels

Our industrial labels are second to none. Industrial labels are subjected to some of the harshest, most difficult conditions that a label will come into contact with, and we make sure that our labels are tough enough to withstand those situations and still be easily readable and continue to do their original job. Our industrial labels are formulated with dyes that stay bright and legible day in and day out, and which are printed on materials which are hardy and do not easily rip or succumb to being physically punished. Additionally, we use only the stickiest, most tenacious glues and adhesives to apply our industrial labels to their destination surfaces. It is quite difficult to get one of MF Label’s industrial labels off of its container!

We are proud to say that we have had reports of our industrial labels lasting for the entire life of the intended receptacle, through environmental circumstances which would have ripped, washed out, bleached away, or abraded off completely most other industrial labels! We stand by our product and we stand by our clients, with 100 per cent satisfaction guaranteed on our labels. If someone orders industrial labels from us and is not completely pleased with how well they stand up to the rigors of their duty, we will address the situation with full commitment to our customers.


Digital Labels

Our digital labels are top notch. They are pressure sensitive and made using the latest digital technology. The digital labels which we offer have several benefits, including amazingly high resolution, even for the smallest details and print; clarity beyond comprehension; and, type which is so sharp you could slice an apple with it.

Other advantages to digital labelling include but are not limited to the option of being made with variable data printing (VDP) technology, which means that each label within a run can be different from each other one. This means that our customers can obtain sequential numbering of their labels if they so choose.

Not only are there those advantages, but the printing for digital labelling is of such good quality that it is comparable to the photographs in the most acclaimed magazines. That is amazing! What is even more amazing is that our customers have full access to such superior details when they work with us. Additionally, we can work with our clients to determine what will be the best medium for printing their digital labels on, from paper to foil to many other label materials. These labels are truly the wave of the future!

When a client works with MF Label, they know that they are obtaining the best quality labels at the best possible pricing – no questions asked. We are here for our customers, because without them we would be nothing.


Pharmaceutical Labels

At MF Label we recognize the importance of making sure that pharmaceuticals are labelled correctly and according to regulatory standards. We do not skimp on the information that is provided to the consumer on these labels, because to do so would be borderline criminal in our eyes. We aim to do our absolute best every single day and in every single way in making sure that the labels that we design, create, and produce are up to the highest quality standards for everyone whom they will reach.

We offer a variety of pharmaceutical labels, from smooth peel labels to extended content labels and booklet labels, in order to provide the maximum benefit and amount of information to the potential consumer. Not only that, but we are immensely experienced in designing labels which catch the eye of the consumer and may almost be considered to be beautiful. We believe that all labels should be attractive as well as functional, and we will apply that philosophy to your pharmaceutical label, no matter what kind of specifications you bring to us.

The commitment to beauty as well as quality runs deep at MF Label, and you will find that throughout all of the products which we offer to our customers. We always want your product to be a borderline work of art, not just a simple label.


Full Color Labels

MF Label’s capabilities extend to include full color labels as well! Whatever color you want or need, Murcan make it happen for you, quite easily. We take pride in our ability to meet all of our customers’ desires and requirements, and full color labels are just another way in which we excel at doing so.

Our labels are printed with the best quality inks and to the highest standards around. We do not just stop at the standard. We use what is known as a ‘four color process’ to make our color labels the most colorful, the crispest, and the best looking around. The four colors are known as CMYK, which stands for Cyan (blue), Magenta (red), Yellow, and Key (black). With those four colors, we can print anything of any color for our clients and have it look as realistic and fresh as they could possibly want. We can print labels of any size, shape, or dimensions in all four colors and have them turn out spectacularly.

Wise customers know to come to MF Label for their full color printing needs, because we have the best technology around and we are happy to employ it for all of our clients! We love taking care of people and meeting their deepest business desires. When you trust MF Label, you are trusting a winner.


Barcode Labels

MF Label also is able to print bar code labels for their customers’ needs. Bar codes are utilized as a means of quick identification of products, whether in warehouses to track inventory, in retail environments as a part of the purchasing process (as in on a tag that the clerk scans), on invoices to assist in accounting, and in many other functionalities. MF Label recognizes the importance that all of the functions have in their clients’ businesses, and is eager to assist by printing the crispest, clearest bar codes that the industry technology can provide! With our bar codes, there will never be confusion as to which product is which or what type of product has which price – there will be no smearing of the bar code and no smudging of the numerals.

MF Label’s bar codes are the best in the industry and we also provide the most competitive technologies to obtain those bar codes. Our printing process is second to none and we will not be outdone by competitors. We take our business very seriously and we are extremely intent on meeting our customer’s every need and desire.

At MF Label, you can be assured of your product’s excellence and durability. We will not disappoint you, ever.